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A Choice - to be bullied, or not? Do parents get to choose?

Posted: October 05, 2019

I just finished reading this article -,

in which a LCSW(Licensed Clinical Social Worker) clearly outlines the possbie side effects of being bullied.

Some of the short term issues that might be encountered are:

"• Social isolation
• Feelings of shame
• Sleep disturbance
• Changes in eating habits
• Low self-esteem
• School avoidance
• Symptoms of anxiety
• Bedwetting
• Higher risk of illness
• Psychosomatic symptoms (stomachaches, headaches, muscle aches, other physical complaints with no known medical cause)
• Poor school performance
• Symptoms of depression"

Some of the noted long term effects are:

"• Chronic depression
• Increased risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide plans, and suicide attempts
• Anxiety disorders
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Poor general health
• Self-destructive behavior, including self-harm
• Substance abuse
• Difficulty establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships"

So I ask you this simple question, is it better to invest in your child now or suffer the repercussions later?

Do you INVEST the time, money, and effort now in your child to prepare them for the future?

You CAN help them develop confidence, eye contact, and public speaking, plus physical skills(hoping they wont need to use them)

OR  you can roll the dice and HOPE they wont have a bulling issue?  

The choice is yours(not your child's).


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