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Discipline - To Obey What is Right !

Posted: December 30, 2020

Dojo Family,

The Life Skill for January and February is Discipline!

Simply put, DISCIPLINE is, to obey what is right! 

Please read the definition to them and explain what each means.

You don’t have to do this all at once and we will reinforce it in the dojo. 

The pillars of DISCIPLINE are… 

  • Commitment. Commitment is when we make a decision and follow through understanding the consequences.  Without commitment, we cannot have discipline and without discipline we cannot have commitment.
  • Punctuality. Punctuality is being on time.  Disciplined people are always on time and have the ability to use time to their advantage.
  • Goals. To have a goal is to want something and be willing to work hard for it.  Disciplined people are self-motivated by their goals.
  • Focus. Focus is when we direct all of our senses and energy to something specific.  People with discipline are able to maintain their focus on what is important.
  • Persistence.  Persistence is to continue to attempt to succeed in our goals no matter what.  Disciplined people have the persistence to try again and again—a million times if necessary, until their goal is met.
  • Determination.  Determination is having the belief that we will somehow accomplish what we want.  Disciplined people show determination when working toward their goals.
  • Responsibility.  Responsibility is to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and our results.  People with discipline always take responsibility for what they do and are able to find the best way to respond to their circumstances.
  • Courage.  Courage is having the strength to face our fears.  Disciplined people have the courage to face any situation and never give up.
  • Fitness.  Fitness is taking care of our bodies and staying in shape.  Disciplined people take care of their bodies, understanding that being fit will help in various situations.
  • Vision.  Having vision is having the ability to see in our minds what we are working to achieve.  Disciplined people are able to focus on their vision.
  • Passion.  Passion is an incredibly strong feeling about something.  People with discipline have great passion for reaching their goals.

Thank you for helping us help them!