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Do you speak to or WITH your children?

Posted: May 16, 2019

Communication  - How to effectively talk with a child…

Most of us that are over 35 were all spoken “to” by our parents, but is there a better way?

As an educator, all the research I have seen points towards speaking with a child the positive, not the negative.

For example:

  1. Please play gently, - not – STOP hitting your brother
  1. Practice your coloring on your desk, not – GET OFF THE CARPET with your markers
  1. Would you like to try a mushroom?   Not – YOU CAN’T only eat junk food.

Phrasing more of your wording in the positive will help your child get exposed to using the language that way.  Increasing the positive has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the attitude and determination of children.  Persistent front-of-mind awareness of positivity allows a child to develop the,” yes, I can” attitude that creates leaders, not followers.

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