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Honesty - The First Key to an Abundant Life

Posted: October 03, 2019

Honesty, the First Key to an Abundant Life

For September and October, we are practicing the Leadership Life Skill Honesty at our dojo.  Honesty is recognizing, accepting, and expressing the truth at all times. 

At Popkin-Brogna- Honesty is “the first step to an abundant life,” which means listening to your inner-self, having the courage to confront the consequences of your actions, and taking responsibility for your actions, positive or negative. 

All children fib at one time or another.  There may be times when you feel that lying is an easier thing to do, whether it’s a little white lie or fib, once you’re faced with that moment of truth (or untruth as it may be), it’s time to be honest with yourself, the community and the world.  When you’re honest, you feel better about yourself and others feel better about trusting you.

Here are some ways you can practice honesty and lead a more fulfilling life. 

Understand It.

Maybe you have a habit of telling little lies.  You tell a colleague you can’t make it to their event, because you’re sick, but you really just want to watch the big game.  It may seem like something small in the beginning, but getting too comfortable with telling small stories leads to a life of covering up your truths and trying to keep your story straight.  Mark Twain said it best, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  

Accept It. 

You’ve probably seen it. The small child with chocolate all over their mouth denying that they are the one who took the last cookie.  It’s kind of cute, because the child is scared of what will happen when they fess up. 

It’s not as cute when you’re an adult, therefore, practice being honest, even if the truth hurts. 

Express It.

Yes, there is the one way to express your honesty simply, just tell the truth.  

Be honest with yourself, your loved ones, everyone.

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