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martial arts classes can build a child’s brain

How martial arts classes can build a child’s brain

Posted: June 18, 2019

How Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Trigger the Release of Oxytocin

Every single one of our brains secretes a plethora of hormones and natural chemicals to keep your body regulated and safe on a daily basis. Aside from the more pressing chemicals, your brain is responsible for the release of Oxytocin – otherwise known as the ‘love molecule.’ This natural chemical does more than you could ever imagine, which is why it’s so important to understand its triggers and release into your body.

What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a natural chemical in your body responsible for the following:

  • Building trust
  • Creating relationships with others
  • Inspiring collaborative and team-like behavior

It’s a key ingredient in a person that is going to be social, selfless, and collaborative. Especially for the children unable to socialize with their peers or participate in team activities, this natural love drug is something they need more of in their bodies.

Here at Popkin-Brogna Jujitsu, we understand just how important this hormone is in the growing and development of your child. You need them to be all of these things if they are going to excel and be surrounded by friends that love them, and understand them.

Therefore, our classes are structured in a way to stimulate the secretion of Oxytocin. How do we do it?

  1. New Life Skills: 

Beyond simply breaking boards and learning martial arts poses, we teach our children how to develop respect for instructors, their bodies, and their peers. In order to advance, our kids need to develop a self-discipline that is not common in our society today. They will be learning new life skills without even realizing it.

  1. Versatile Class Structuring:

With each new advancement, students progress to the next martial arts level, which introduces new class structuring, physical demands, and emotional demands constantly. This versatile environment keeps kids on their toes and excited for the new schedule.

  1. Emotional Responses:

Martial arts draws on the mind, body, and soul in the performance of the physical art. Therefore, kids’ emotions are triggered and released while they are practicing martial arts. Not only is it a great emotional outlet if they are experiencing turmoil or bullying, but it is also a key element that signals the release of Oxytocin in their brains.

Combined with strength and flexibility training, this super chemical becomes turbocharged and rushes around our bodies at an expedited rate. Basically, martial arts is the perfect recipe for a total Oxytocin reward system.

While kids are growing up through crucial years that shape the adult they are going to become, they need something that is inspiring them to be more social, engaged, collaborative, and disciplined. High prevalence of Oxytocin will equip your child with the motivation to go out there and achieve success throughout their lives.

It all starts with our kids martial arts programs here at Popkin-Brogna Jujitsu. Give us a call today.(516)489-1278 or copy this link into your browser -





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