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Motion Leads to Emotion

Motion Leads to Emotion

Posted: May 19, 2020

Motion Leads to Emotion – Why Martial Arts Programs Will Make Your Kids Happier & Healthier

Is there anything better than seeing your kid happy, laughing, and giggling?

Looking back at you with a pure joy in their eyes?

It’s all we want for our bundles of joy. We want to set them up with all the tools and happiness they need to have a full, fruitful life.

Of course, along the way, things can change, kids can become depressed, and life can be unfair. There needs to be a way for you to ensure your little one is receiving natural happiness boosts no matter what. Thankfully, our bodies want us to be happy and healthy, which means they secrete natural chemicals on their own to keep our mental state happy and receptive. 

It all starts with a funny response system – motion leads to emotion. When we get moving, our bodies are able to produce the best feeling chemical in our bodies: endorphins.

What Are Endorphins?

Endorphins are natural response chemicals created by the brain when we do something positive or exciting. They make us feel physically, and mentally, better, which is why we crave the feeling of endorphins frequently. The good news is – you can control how much your body excretes these endorphins, and it starts with a little brain-backing that we just mentioned above.

It All Starts with Motion

Try a little exercise quickly. Shrug your shoulders and frown. You probably don’t feel great, right? How about stand up, stretch your neck, put a big smile on your face, and breathe deeply. As you exhale, you probably feel some relief; you probably feel a lot better.

When we exercise, we feel better. You know the term: “runner’s high.” That’s because your body feels so good and accomplished when you finish a run. It’s all thanks to endorphins. They are a natural incentive to get moving and get your heart pumping.

When your child engages their entire body in a sport like martial arts, endorphins flood their body. They are going to feel amazing, positive, and strong. While they’re strengthening their bodies, they are going to feel better about themselves and their abilities. They are going to associate this physical activity with happiness, which means they are going to prioritize this kind of healthy lifestyle forever.

Not to mention, the reward-element of endorphins and that happy feeling will help them feel more accomplished. Over-time, they will develop confidence as they continue to advance through their training. It’s all thanks to something that naturally exists right inside your body!

Popkin-Brogna Jujitsu Center

Our kids martial arts programs are based on the completely natural release of chemicals within your body. We believe that kids need healthy doses of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine to develop their mind in a strong and positive way. Our classes are set up to engage all four of these chemicals so your kids will be happy, confidence, respectful, disciplined, and energized every single day.   These brain chemicals support your child's own mental well-being.