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October is Bullying Awareness Month !

Posted: October 02, 2019

Well, here we are one month into school, and I bet 20% of you or more have already heard of or been personally involved with a bullying situation.

Either, your child is/was being bullied, or equally as bad, your child IS the bully.

Bottom line here, the solutions are simple to discuss, but hard to impliment.

So here are 4 steps towards bullying proofing your child:

1) Teach them to get help immediately

As a school teacher, I know that schools take bullying very seriously.

Don’t hesitate when your kid is experiencing any form of verbal or physical bullying.

Take it to someone (a teacher or counselor) who can do something about it right away. The sooner the better. 

2) Teach them how to be a leader (if you can't, we can)

Help your kids get involved, stand up for others and be out loud about bullying.

Teach them to talk to an adult, encourage others to do the same and build a community that is aware and active when it comes to preventing bullying.

Learning to STAND TALL, have great EYE-CONTACT, and use a powerful CLEAR VOICE, can go a long way towards deterring a bully.

Being a leader is empowering and it helps others! 

3) Teach them to walk away(while keeping an eye on the situation)

The quickest and most effective way to prevent a bully from hurting your kid physically or verbally is to teach them to walk away from the situation and find an adult.

The sooner your child walks away and finds a safe environment the better. The same goes for the cyber-bullying.

As soon as they read something that doesn’t feel right, they should find an adult and let them know. 

4) Self-Defense Skills 

Most children don't need to apply to SEAL TEAM 6, but some good quality self-defense skills will surely go a long way.

We hope they never need to use these skills, but we prepare them just incase.

If you know anyone who has been bullied, or is concern about being bullied, we are offering 2 free weeks of classes, to show you how we can develop your child into a bully-proof leader.  

Please call - (516)489-1278 or

Please tell us that you read this blog to receive your free 2 week program !

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