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Please, PLEASE...Limit your child's IPAD, phone, and screen time.

Posted: October 08, 2019

Go into any restaurant and look around.  Most kids aren’t sitting and talking, they are glued to an Ipad, in an almost trans-like state.  Watch their eyes for more than a minute, and you will see them frozen, almost catatonic.

As a parent of a 6-year-old, a martial arts instructor (studio owner), and a NYS certified elementary school teacher, I have personally witnessed the effects of Ipads, phones, and screen time on children, my own and others.

Looking at how addicted kids are to these devices, I’m speculating that tech companies hire psychologists to assist in the programming of these games and apps, but that is purely my opinion.  I would love someone with information on that subject to weigh in, if possible.

Attached to this blog will be many links to different articles about the damaging effects of this technology, but I didn’t need to read any of them to know the truth.  Simply trying to take the ipad away from my own child validates all my concerns.

After reading the links, the common symptoms to be concerned about screen addiction are:


“1. MOOD SWINGS, ranging from anger to frustration, when tech time is interrupted or technology is unavailable

2. INTERNET USE INTERFERES WITH NORMAL DAILY ACTIVITIES, such as getting ready for school, eating, sleeping, and playing

3. SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY, including stomachaches and headaches, as well as nervous behaviors like twirling hair and biting nails

4. AN OBSESSION WITH TECHNOLOGY, talking about it constantly and/or getting distracted by thoughts about it

5. TROUBLE FOCUSING in school and/or while doing homework

6. LACK OF INTEREST IN OTHER ACTIVITIES, which can negatively impact friendships

7. TELLING LIES to get extra screen time

8. TROUBLE SLEEPING, both falling asleep and staying asleep

We have the opportunity to help our children avoid digital addiction. Educate them. Empower them to make healthy choices. And set the limits that will promote better emotional health within the family.”

So, recommendations:

  1. Check the links, do some research on your own
  2. Don’t let technology be a baby-sitter, engage your children with low tech games and creative thinking games
  3. A little boredom is OKAY, it allows them to be creative
  4. Go old school, give them some cardboard boxes, let them build a fort
  5. Get your children involved in some very physical activity – obviously I’m a fan of martial arts, but any sport will do


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