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Self Esteem: The Joy of Being Myself

Posted: November 06, 2019

When it’s time to perform in the studio and in life, our students are ready.  Why?  They have spent countless hours developing their self-esteem.

Self-esteem, in our studio, is known as, “the Joy of Being Myself”.

One of the main ways we practice self-esteem, is by teaching our students to make positive decisions daily.When we make positive decisions, we feel good about ourselves.  When we feel good, it’s much easier to create a positive attitude, and a positive self-image.

Self-esteem can also be developed by simple, every day acts which used to be common place, but recently have been forgotten.  Shaking hands and making eye contact can lead to a positive perception by others, which will in turn boosts one’s own self-esteem, which leads to further good decisions, like surrounding yourself with supportive, positive people, like family, friends and mentors.

A well-trained, confident martial artist will like what he/she sees in the mirror each day and think of themselves as strong, healthy and smart, without being affected by negative opinions and events. 

If your child could benefit from a boost in their self-esteem, please give us a call.


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