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Hi, we're Team PBJJC

and we're the instructors of Popkin Brogna Jujitsu Center. After training in the martial arts for decades, we realized our passion was to inspire, educate, and develop children to reach their highest potential. Most people only understand the physical attributes of the martial arts, but the real secrets are the mental, emotional, and social growth that occurs within a martial arts student.

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Our martial arts classes

shape successful human beings, who are ready to make a positive impact to our world.

By reinforcing family values, such as respect, self-control, honesty, and integrity, our students develop self-confidence to accomplish any task.  They learn to challenge and overcome their fears and doubts so they can stand among their peers as true leaders.  These confident students can resist bullies, peer pressure, and have the ability to make critical decisions under pressure.

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Children's Classes

Children's Classes

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Adult Classes

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